The Value of Self-confidence Before and After Writing

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The value of self confidence can’t be overemphasized, it plays a great role when it comes to writing. In this article, you will learn what writing is, self-confidence, why you lose self-confidence and the value of self-confidence before and after writing.

Are you struggling to write? Do you find it difficult to write? Do you believe you can write?

Then this article is for you.

Let’s take a look at the meaning of the key term:
What is Self Confidence?

Self-confidence is the value of one’s personal judgment, ability, power e.t.c. over a thing.

Self-confidence, as the name implies is something that is gotten from within. It’s not some kind of accolades that people get to award you.

It’s an inner validation you give yourself, and it affects all areas of life. But for the sake of this article, let’s narrow it down to writing.

What is Writing?

Writing is a medium of human communication, that represents language and emotion with signs and symbols.

In most languages, writing is a compliment to speech or spoken language.
Before You Write

It’s important to ask yourself some intense questions before you start to write. This is the first step to building self-confidence.

What is writing to you?
Why do you want to write?
What’s the essence of your writing?
What is the value of your write up?

I’m going to answer the questions, I expect you to do same.

Writing to me is a form in which I can bring my thoughts, ideas, lessons, come to life.

It’s a way I express myself.

I write because it’s what I love to do, it’s a way of sending my message across to a large audience, it’s a way my voice can be heard in places.

I haven’t been to, my writing is my change agent, my writing gives information and enlightenment.

Now, what is yours?

I will love to read yours in the comment.

A lot of people write just for fun. Some write because it’s their passion, while some because it’s what they are talented at.

Well everyone can write the same way everyone can cook.
Why You Loose Self Confidence

The major reason you lose self confidence is because of FEAR.

Fear of incapability,
Fear of rejection,
Fear of measuring up to standard,
Fear of being antagonized,
Fear of writer’s block,
Fear of the unknown.

I have worked with people who were scared of starting, with the feeling that no one will read.

Once you answer those questions above, I encourage you to pick a pen and write.

Just write; you might not get good reads at first, but be consistent.

No matter how bad the write up is, there must be one person that will connect with it. And even if none did, see it as a step to improve on yourself.

To fail more and to learn more. Remember we learn, unlearn and relearn.

Measuring up to standard is another reason why you lose self-confidence.

Sometimes you feel what you wrote compared to others is trash — the writing style, the emotions conveyed, the use of words etc.

It’s okay to feel that way but remember? Everyone has his/her uniqueness.

Stick to what works for you but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create room for improvement.

In order to improve, you can read books, study the dictionary, read articles online e.t.c.

The Value Of Self Confidence

BE YOUR VOICE: Whenever you write, you put yourself out there.

It tells your audience if you know what you are doing or not if you are in self-doubt it shows.

Writing with confidence enables you to write in whatever way you choose to, it helps you pick a niche.

I write basically on my life experience and draw out lessons from it. It’s my life, nobody can tell as I would.

So I’m confident of what I am saying.

That is my niche, and I’m so confident in it, so when I write it shows.
INCREASED SELF WORTH: When you do what you know how to, in your own way, it builds the KLT factor for you. (Know, like and trust).
REFERABLE/IDENTITY: Writing with confidence creates an identity for you. You become known for what you do and people can easily refer a client to you when the need arises.
YOU BECOME UNSTOPPABLE: When writing with self-confidence, you become what I like to describe as a moving train, you become unstoppable.

You can reach out and put down what needs to in a wide range.

In Conclusion

NOTE: Writing success takes time. Be prepared for the failures and be open-minded to learn. Buy books that will build up your writing career.

Take classes on writing, put out your work for public criticism, accept the criticism and work on it, and take writing challenges/competition.

My first attempt at writing was through a writing competition. I had never written, but immediately I saw the competition, I opted in and that brought out the writer in me.

I will also advise you to get a writer coach, this will also to build you up, he will be your guild and see where you need to improve on.

One thing you might not likely know about self-confidence is your mental health, what do you feed your thoughts, are you positive minded or negative. Be open minded to possibilities.

Give yourself challenges. Always raise up your challenge bar.

Create a good network team, connect, share ideas and learn from each other.

Never compare yourself to others. There are some that started before you and others that are just starting out that might be doing better than you, instead of comparing or competing with them.

Be humble enough to commend them and learn from them. Appreciate and share their work, no man is an island of knowledge.

Last but not the least, be thankful and prayerful. Give thanks for where you are, and be committed to prayer.

-Ewere Sonia Aisosa

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